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Lazin Liners

Brand new this Fall, Lazin Liners are clear aligners that straighten your teeth without braces and wires. What does this mean? It means you receive the quality and top-notch results of a product like Invisalign with the easy and affordability of a do-it-yourself (DIY) product like Smile Direct Club. Dr. Lazin and his team make the aligners at the office using our 3D printer. The aligners are clear, comfortable, and great for mild to moderate spacing, crowding, or orthodontic relapse cases. And because everything is made at the office, there is no expensive lab bill that you have to pay on top of the treatment. Additionally, unlike those over-the-counter products advertised online and in commercials, you have a board certified orthodontist reviewing your case to make sure tooth movement is done in a safe and efficient manner. On top of that, each case comes with retainers so you’re guaranteed a great result that will LAST!


Why risk your smile or overpay for orthodontic treatment? Call Dr. Lazin at 317-888-6090 to see if you’re a candidate for Lazin Liners!

Real Patients Treated with Lazin Liners
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