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Discount for Active Duty Military

Lazin Family Orthodontics has announced that they intend to offer a discount off the portion of the treatment fee not covered by insurance for patients with spouses, parents, or guardians serving actively in the armed services. This discount is in tribute to the heroes who make this country a safe and wonderful nation!



Digital Technology: Goodbye goopy and gaggy impressions! We now have an intraoral scanner and 3D printer. We can scan your teeth in under five minutes. This is the most comfortable and precise way to experience orthodontic treatment! Ask for a free scan at your consultation to get an instant simulation of what your smile could look like.

Lazin Liners: Our 3D printer allows us to make clear aligners for all patients after a simple scan. The process is more accurate than leading aligner companies and much faster since nothing is sent out. Thinking of trying smile direct club or other DIY aligners? Talk to us first about Lazin Liners! You’ll get a better result in less time with a real orthodontist diagnosing your case and customizing your treatment plan.


Appointment Choices: We have convenient morning and afternoon hours available 4 days a week. We welcome you to come into the office and enjoy our movie experience downstairs or to stay in your cars if you prefer.


Retainers: Retainers are a must and included in the cost of your treatment. We include both bonded (metal wire behind the front teeth) and removable retainers. Why risk having your teeth move after all the money and time you put into your smile? We also include a 3D model of your teeth at the end of treatment. If you ever need a new retainer just swing by the office with your model and we’ll make you one.

Map Queries

In today's modern times, it is commonplace to search for addresses and locations via the internet using such sites as Google Maps, MapQuest, etc. While these sites are helpful, sometimes certain addresses are difficult for these sites to locate. Unfortunately, our office is one of these addresses! This is due to our parking lot being considered a road (Breckenmore Drive). Google Maps correctly locates our office address, but other sites will send you too far south. Should you use one of these other map sites, please be sure that your destination is NORTH of Fry Road on S.R.135. Another option is to use this alternate address in your search: 755 S.R 135, Greenwood, IN 46142

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